Construct a phylogenetic tree

This web page will construct a phylogenetic tree of the creatures you select below. It will use the protein sequences
of the protein cytochrome c from each of these organisms to construct the tree.

  1. Select the desired creatures from the lists below.
    • To select more than one in the same list, hold down the apple key (on macs); the control key (on pcs); on the Suns, you just click.
    • If you want to clear your selections and start over, click the "Clear all selections" button.
  2. You must also choose one and only one outgroup organism so that your tree will have a root. This is especially important for the parsimony analysis. The outgroup organism should not be closely related to the other organisms.
  3. When you have made the selections you want, click the "calculate tree" button.
  4. Your request will then be processed this may take a while so please be patient.

Main Tree Organisms
Select several organisms from these lists to make the tree.
(1) Animal (2) Plant (3) Other
Outgroup Organisms
Select one organism from these lists that you did not select above to act as an outgroup for the tree.
This organism should not be closely related to the organisms that you selected above.
(1) Animal (2) Plant (3) Other

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